Privacy policy

Data Protection and Confidentiality

Data protection and confidentiality is taken very seriously at Psychological Minds. Here are the main points about how information is managed:
All electronic data is protected by password protected devices and encrypted files.
All written data is stored in a locked cabinet.
Emails and texts will be deleted (if they contain no clinical information) or copied and stored electronically but deleted from the server, after a case has closed, communication has ceased or there is no further need for email/texts.
The majority of information will be stored without your details attached. A Unique Reference Code will be applied to electronic and written data. There will be an encrypted document to match code names with identities.
If you are being seen as part of court proceedings all information will be shared within court documents. If you are being seen therapeutically no information will be shared with anyone without your consent, except in exceptional circumstances.
Those exceptional circumstances are when there is concern about risk or harm that has already happened or may happen, such as abuse, criminal behaviour or suicidal intent. Information will be shared with statutory agencies. You will be informed if this happens.
Information will be stored for seven years or until children reach 21 years old, whichever comes first.
There is nothing that will be copied to anyone else that you do not know about in advance and that you do not receive a copy of yourself.